Can Receding Gums Lead to Tooth Decay?

Can Receding Gums Lead to Tooth Decay? from Blossom River Dental in San Jose, CAGums deterioration exposes the tissue that protects the teeth's roots. Receding gums may also occur around an improperly placed tooth. When the origins of the teeth become exposed due to receding gums, the teeth are more susceptible to decay, infection, and loss. People may halt or reverse the progression of gum recession if they seek treatment on time.

In cases of severe gum recession that causes symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, discomfort, and infection, the dentist will recommend proper treatment, including deep cleaning, infection treatment, and tissue transplants. In this article, you will learn more about how gum recession contributes to cavities.

Gum recession and cavities

Gum recession is prevalent, yet it often manages to escape people's attention until it's too late. Although many individuals have solid dental enamel that seems cavity-resistant, the root surfaces are much more vulnerable. The root surface lacks the strong, protective enamel that coats the crown of the tooth. The root surface is revealed when gums recede below the enamel line or peel away from the tooth. The unprotected tooth structure is considerably thinner and more susceptible to cavities or decay. It is only if the tooth root is exposed to gum tissue shrinkage or detachment between the gum tissue and the tooth roots that root caries develop.

Periodontal pockets are the gaps between teeth and gum tissue, and healthy pockets are shallow and lie close to the tooth. Increased periodontal pocket depths enable teeth to move, allowing bacteria and plaque to collect between teeth and gums. Gum disease, root cavities, tooth abscesses, and various other oral health issues may result. Untreated gum disease often results in gum tissue recession and increasing periodontal pocket depth.

The causes

Gingival recession is caused by poor dental care and periodontal disease. Gum recession may nevertheless occur in individuals who maintain excellent dental hygiene. The leading causes of recession are physical wear of the gums and tissue inflammation. Some individuals are predisposed to receding gums due to genetic reasons, including the teeth's location and gum thickness.

Another frequent cause of receding gums is physical damage caused by aggressive teeth cleaning or harsh brushes. Even when dental hygiene is generally excellent, over-brushing promotes receding gums. The left side of the oral cavity is more often affected by this kind of physical recession because most individuals brush their teeth with their right hand, putting greater pressure on their left gums. The pattern is likewise more prevalent on the side gums than on the front.

Lip or tongue piercings, misplaced teeth, and dental treatment damage are all physical factors contributing to receding gums. Having fragile tissue makes certain individuals more susceptible to the inflammatory factors of receding gums. Plaque is more prone to induce irritation when gum tissue is thinner.

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Final note

Habits that contribute to receding gums, such as smoking and poor oral hygiene, can also cause tooth decay. It is advisable to seek treatment from a dental professional before the gum recedes to the point where tooth decay sets in. Book an appointment today to get started.

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