Common Symptoms of Receding Gums

Common Symptoms of Receding Gums from Blossom River Dental in San Jose, CAConcerned about receding gums? Read on to learn more about this condition and how it presents itself. You may be able to notice receding gums by simply examining the appearance of your gums at home. If you notice your gums are pulling away (receding) from gums, then you are most likely experiencing gum recession. However, there may be times when it is less noticeable, particularly in the earlier stages of receding gums.

What are the signs of receding gums?

In addition to visible signs of receding gums, people may also experience tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, gum swelling, and discolored gums. Loose teeth and bone loss in the jaw can result from more severe cases of receding gums. Any symptoms, regardless of severity, require a dental visit and potential restorative care.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can result when the roots of a tooth are more exposed. This often occurs when the gums — which surround and protect the deeper part of the tooth’s crown — erodes away. If tooth sensitivity exists, then it could be the result of periodontal disease that has progressed and led to receding gums.

Tooth and gum pain

Tooth and gum pain may also result as the teeth and gums are constantly under attack by bacterial infections related to periodontal disease. This could present in the form of a throb or ache that does not go away until the gum recession is treated.

Gum swelling

Gum swelling can occur when the gums are constantly attacked by bacteria that accumulate. Swollen gums cause a fair amount of discomfort and can cause a cosmetic issue that needs addressing, as well. Once the gums are properly disinfected and cleaned by a dentist, then the swelling should go away.

Discolored gums

Gum discoloration is another common symptom of receding gums. Healthy gums should have a pink color, whereas unhealthy gums that are damaged by disease and recession may appear a darker red.

Bone loss in the jaw

Bone loss in the jaw often results at the same time as receding gums as a result of periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease. This weakens the overall support structure of teeth and makes the loss of teeth more likely.

Loose teeth

As the gums continue to recede, deep gum pockets form, and the bone inside of the jaw is weakened and lost, teeth can begin to loosen within the socket. This, along with other symptoms of receding gums, requires prompt attention by a dental professional. The ultimate result of receding gums for those who do not seek treatment is the loss of teeth after they can no longer be adequately supported by the gums and jawbone.

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The bottom line

Here at our dental practice, we offer receding gum prevention and treatment to help you maintain good periodontal health. If you have any symptoms of gum disease or receding gums, then contact our practice for a consultation visit and to find out the condition of your gum health.

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